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Hawel-Tocker & Co. Law Office was established in 1995 in Tel Aviv with a view to a growing need for legal service for entities doing business in various industries, both in Poland and Israel. Nearly twenty years of experience let us thoroughly learn the specificity of business transactions in those two countries. We provide our Clients with best legal and business solutions considering Polish and Israeli legal regulations.

Our office specializes in providing legal services regarding business activities in Poland and Israel in various areas and provides legal services to investors and entrepreneurs in Poland and Israel, including in the areas of real estate, high-tech, tourism, export and import of goods, as well as the acquisition or investment in Polish companies.

Law Office Israel


The Office was established in 1995 in Tel – Aviv. The Office's first Polish Branch was opened in 2002 in Krakow and the second Branch, in Warsaw, was opened in 2006.


Additionally, we cooperate with accounting firms which are able to provide all the necessary information in the area of taxation, including international taxation.

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Law office Hawel-Tocker & Co. Israel

We believe...

We believe that the client is best served by bringing together the fullest spectrum of all legal possibilities and providing the client with all the services in his own language;

therefore we are available for them at the same time in Israel and in Poland

one day finding the solution in Tel – Aviv, next day putting it to use in Poland.

Hawel-Tocker & Co. Israel

Branches in Poland

Hawel – Tocker & Co. does not only have two branches in Poland, in Krakow and Warsaw but also has associated Law Offices in other main cities in Poland.

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